6 Podcasting Techniques For Podcast Marketing Success

Posted on November 28, 2011 by CJ Article Team


6 Podcasting Techniques For Podcast Marketing Success
Podcasting to your niche is a fantastic way of building your online credibility while tapping into new sources of traffic for your niche websites. Here are six techniques that will make your podcast a success.

Podcasting Technique #1

Discover podcasting

Even if you have a basic understanding of podcasting-do you know precisely what podcast is all about and how it works? Have you listened and subscribed to podcasts? I recommend you take a few days becoming familiarized with podcasting before attempting to record your own podcast.

Start Listening To Podcasts

As I described above it’s also a good idea to start listening to podcasts so you can get a feel for what podcasting is all about. Podcast Alley lists thousands of podcasts. There are several popular podcasting directories like Podcast Alley listing many podcast. Take a look at the top 50 podcasts listed in Podcast Alley and listen to some of those podcasts. This is an excellent way of getting a feel for what podcasting is all about.

Podcasting Technique #2

Understand Your Niche

What passion do you share with others? Who is your target audience? What is your goal? Understanding your niche will not only help you in your podcast marketing endeavors but in any type of marketing. If you’re doing article marketing you want to provide your niche with articles that will help your reader not just blast them with your affiliate link. This also applies to podcast marketing. Know your audience and what is you’re trying accomplish.

If your goal is to build your credibility online within a niche than you need to be offer real value and knowledge to your listeners. This will take more ongoing podcasting and offering expert advice. Compared to podcasting to be listed in the directories for tapping new traffic. Than all you need is a few short podcasts. I explain this in more detail in my Niche Podcasting Guide but regardless of what marketing campaigns you’re involved with the better understanding you have about your niche-the better you will do in that niche.

Podcasting Technique #3

Develop Your Plan Of Attack

What do you need to learn? There are many sources online that will help you start podcasting. Once you have the needed information (don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel use a guide) start developing your plan of attack. What equipment do you need? How about software? What specific date will you start podcasting? Do you have support in place to help you out?

Podcasting Technique #4

Find Your Voice

Most of us can’t stand the sound of our own voice. That was a tough barrier for me to break. But guess what-your recorded voice is not as bad as you think it is. Trust me on this. You might think it sounds awful but to other it won’t. So just start recording to overcome this obstacle.

Be yourself! The beauty of podcasting is that it’s not radio. The last thing we need is another radio DJ wannabe. You know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, we all have those over the top, cheesy, radio announcers. That is not what podcasting is all about. So be yourself and you will find your voice and you’re listeners will become rabid fans!

Podcasting Technique #5

Podcast What?

This is another fear many future podcasters wrestle with but you shouldn’t fret. The beauty of podcasting is that listeners don’t want the typical radio fodder so just be yourself. And don’t forget about video. Are you leveraging the power of video marketing (you should)? If you have videos on YouTube-use that same video file and turn it into a podcast. It’s an over looked fact that podcasting is not just audio. Video podcasting is very popular and you can use your existing videos and turn those into “new” video podcasts even if the actual video file is a year old.

Podcasting Technique #6

Just Do It – No Excuses!

I’ve bought many Internet marketing e-books and I’m active in the forums so I know how often folks say this: TAKE ACTION!

But a reason many successful marketers and gurus use that line is for a reason-it’s true. If you really want to step up your Internet marketing efforts, than podcasting will give a significant advantage. But you have to start podcasting. So no more excuses, stop procrastinating and start podcasting right away.

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