How Do I Achieve My Dreams When People Say I Can’t

Posted on October 01, 2010 by CJ Article Team


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If you are someone who is full of enthusiasm and ready to embark in a new business, project or goal, one of the disappointments you may be facing is how to demolish negative nannies, the people who laugh at you and tell you it can’t or you won’t achieve your dreams.

This can be extremely difficult when the people closest to you don’t support your goals and dreams. I call these dream stealers. Dream stealers are the people who make you believe that you’ll never reach your dreams. They’re the people that encourage you to play it safe. For instance, they tell you to get a nice safe job. It is not uncommon to get a response like this from parents. That’s not surprising because family members are often the worst offenders when it comes to stealing your dreams.

You may even know of family or friends who have tried to hold you back from pursuing your goals and dreams. Perhaps they had fears of success, and because they had fear, they held themselves back from going after their own dreams. And as a result of giving up an opportunity to live their dreams, they can’t stand to see you succeed where they failed.

Here are some tips to consider before you share your dreams with other people.

1. Share your dreams with the people who will be excited about what you want to accomplish with my life. This may mean you don’t share your dreams with family members. Talk to people who are support and will encourage you.
2. Share your successes but not your failures. When you talk about your successes, it makes you feel good and gives you confidence. Never share your failures with the dream stealers because they take that as validation of their opinion that you were not going to succeed.
3. Plan your defense. Perhaps your family and friends may question why you didn’t share your dream. You may want to tell them that you wanted to have it done before you told anyone, because it was a big goal. You wanted to see if you actually could accomplish it.
4. Remember: It’s your dream. Everyone may have their ideas about how you should live your life and what you should do with your life. But-this is the best part-everyone gets to choose what they want to do with their life.

So here is a success strategy. The next time someone tells you can’t pursue your dreams. Instead of the word “no” debilitating you, use it to empower you to achieve a whole new level of greatness you never dreamed possible. If you implement the tips, you will discover that you don’t have to check in with anyone: it’s your dream and your dream loves you.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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