Active SEO – A New Approach to Search Engine Optimization After the Panda Updates

Posted on March 20, 2012 by CJ Article Team


Search Engine Optimization

Active SEO is a business oriented service aimed at producing the most relevant and rich content possible for a company website to achieve a first page position on search engines.

To achieve that the SEO company provides the client with a CMS (Content Management System) so that the he/she can upload their own content and updates while the company deals with the on-site and off-site SEO technicalities such as including the correct Titles, Meta Tags and Back links.

Who else knows the ins and outs of an industry better than the professional involved in the company?

Active SEO is the practice of creating great content which is relevant and useful to the visitor (potential buyer). Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly fighting standard SEO practices that are not always beneficial to the end-user as those mean that the visitor is left frustrated with the lack of results.

Poor quality content causes Internet Rage.

Here are a few facts that you might not know:

  1. Almost 12% of users find that the information they find on websites that are on the first page of search engines is not useful.
  2. Most web sites that make use of aggressive SEO tactics do so because the companies behind them do not provide a service that is valid enough to warrant traffic in any other way

Active SEO = Active search engine optimization.

Ever since the Panda update was released there has been a rush to hire the best content writers around and what really makes a good writer is the in-depth study of a particular topic before producing any content. To write good content, the writer himself has to become a pseudo expert at the topic at hand, produce numerous drafts that have to go through the company and finally, once the article is approved, it can be uploaded to the website. This process is very time consuming, frustrating for both parties and the end product isn’t always worth the hassle.

You can tell when an article is written by an amateur because it reads in a very spammy way and doesn’t really tell you anything you couldn’t have learned off Wikipedia and with none of the passion or enthusiasm for the topic being tackled.

The Active part of Active SEO is a reference to the participation of the client in the SEO process that is required to achieve a first page position on search engines.

The initial step still requires ample keyword/key phrase research;

Once the Optimizer and the client agree on what phrases to target the client can then begin writing the content according to the approved topics.

The roles are then reversed as it is the search engine marketeer who gets to approve the content and make any modifications necessary such as eliminating any spam and replacing them with semantically related words. This is all followed by adding images and optimizing them, adding appropriate anchor text in any outbound links, adding the correct meta data and of course correcting any grammar mistakes that might have been made. This methodology not only makes a great article which will keep visitors wanting for more but will also make for good link-bait.

Needless to say, anyone with the most basic language skills can participate in Active SEO. There is no need whatsoever for any content writing skills, our experience actually shows that the less perceived knowledge of SEO a client has, the better the content produced will be in as much that it will be honest and earnest.

Another benefit for the client is that since they are actively involved in the optimization process the service is usually much cheaper than a professional SEO campaign of the same standard, a close rapport is built between the two companies which usually produces far better results than the act of paying a fee, letting some time pass and expecting results.

If you’d like to know more about Active SEO contact now for a free consultation.

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