Amish Shah, the Law of Attraction, Internet Marketing And Resonance Repatterning Explained

Posted on June 30, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Amish ShahIf you don’t know Amish Shah, you should. Not just because he’s a cool cat, been arrested by the FBI when he was 16, has seen his IM business skyrocket, or, because he’s doing something few IM’ers can: diversifying. No, because he’s applying some deep spiritual GTD to his business.

Money’s the oil, not the engine, and he knows this- he even mentions several times it’s just not about money… It’s evident in all the different ways he’s expanding his online presence and business. It’s even evident in how he handles people and situations. He recently had his magic bullet seminar (here, and here too) in San Diego this August- and drunk midgets crash the party. Amish cooly laughs, then gets back to the business of doling out gangster style IM techniques. He didn’t set out to become a guru, but his tactics, tips, advice, and services have made him one.

Amish gently nudges readers to goals, vision boards, and using The Law of Attraction (before the movie ‘The Secret’ exploited Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham) while avoiding the pitfalls, the things that just “don’t work”, like- negativity in thought patterns, a lack of focus and determination, and self-doubt.

I’ve been working with a number of clients involved heavily with Internet Marketing lately. As a Resonance Repatterning practitioner I help others help themselves realign with their inner coherence, their desires and wants. It breaks down the Energy patterns that are limiting a person from their potential… it’s a great complement to those that believe in the Law of Attraction. Internet Marketers are especially receptive to this work, as it complements desires and goals they already have. So… Internet Marketing, Resonance Repatterning, The Law of Attraction… it’s all tied together, and Amish Shah is the living proof.

He suggests vision boards as a great tool (called an Energy Modality in Resonance Repatterning). Mind Movies are also another great example…. and, there’s even a tool that can create a flowing vision board of wallpaper images on your PC (you supply the images of course). What youre really doing is inundating yourself- not with “What Is”, but “What you’d like”. Our brain responds the same way whether we are experiencing something, or visualizing something. Visualzing something, even with the three above mentioned examples, helps us “feel” as if our goals and desires are present and real. The real trick, as Amish states- it musy be a daily practice.

A lot of people get hung up on results and manifestations, and often quit before they ever realize their goals. Getting stuck on “making” something happen may be giving your attention to your failure to manifest rather than understanding the joy and positivity of manifesting is a continual process. We create our own reality, whether positive or negative… Being stuck on “being a victim”, “others can do it, but I can’t”, etc. will only get you more of the same. Forget all that and focus your attention and Energy on what works, and what you can do to achieve your goals. If you don’t or can’t, then all of your actions, especially relating to Internet Marketing, will be coming from a place of lack, and not a place of abundance. If you own your reality, own your creations, and allow your actions to be inspired and from a place that you know each little action contributes to your overall goal, you’ll succeed.

If you’re still struggling with it all and need to get your Inner Game in order, I’m positive Resonance Repatterning can help. Amish Shah is using these tactics and he may not even know about Resonance Repatterning… the principles of it work regardless of whether you understand it or not. Want to know more about how Resonance Repatterning can help you?

Get to it!


Most Internet Marketers tend to fail because they can’t maintain their focus or their momentum. While there are many reasons, it comes down to this: Their Inner Game wasn’t lined up with their actions.

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