Anik Singal: Affiliate Guru Spotlight

Posted on July 01, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Anik Singal - Affiliate GuruAnik Singal is one of the leading exponents of the internet marketing business. At the age of just 27, he has created an online business empire unrivaled in his field. In just over 5 years Anik has sold an estimate $32m worth of product earning him a fortune in commission.

Anik Singal created Lurn inc., an internet marketing training organisation which has forged the careers of many successful internet marketers. Lurn inc. has been so successful that it has received many awards over the last few years, including #2 in the Inc.500 for education providers and #2 in Business Weeks 2008 Top Entrepreneurs listings.

Anik Singal is one of the pioneers of what is now known as affiliate marketing.

Starting at the age of 22, Anik has steadily built his marketing empire form the ground up and has sold in excess of $32m worth of products earning massive commission for his efforts and is now acknowledged as one of the pioneers of what is now known as affiliate marketing.

Anik’s techniques always prove to be ground breaking and soon become standard practice within the field of Affiliate & internet marketing.

Anik’s courses have paved the way for many online business successes, including my own, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Anik’s training materials are always concise, clear and easy to follow. All of his courses are targeted at all levels of experience, catering for both the newcomer and already knowledgeable. This is probably one of the keys to his success. He provides all the information required to complete the training instead of making the student stop and search for another source halfway through the course. The video quality is always excellent and all the materials are up to date and relevant. You won’t find any exhausted resources in his content.

On October the 26th, Anik singal will release the most potent and eagerly anticipated internet marketing training course ever, The Empire Formula.

If you have read about internet or affiliate marketing and are interested in getting involved in this fast growing business, this is the ideal place to start.

For more information on this amazing new affiliate marketing training course, visit

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, visit

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