Have You Used This Backlinking Strategy?

Posted on March 16, 2012 by CJ Article Team


Backlink BuildingThis post will show you the basics of a backlink strategy that works for me frequently. It’s really a way to set up a foundation of stable backlinks to much of your site and then promoting these particular backlinks in which will 1) Increase backlinks to most of your site, 2) Improve your standing in the Google listings (SERPs), and, consequently, 3) Get more traffic to your site.

I don’t think there’s anything special about how this works with the exception that it will take a little research, work, your persistence, and time. This really is something that’s not really talked about on all those long form sales letters that happen to be promoting the next new thing.

Sure, we all want instant success with somethings. But, with all the search for instant success, we sort of lose track to the fact that there is next to nothing all that magical about building backlinks. You only need to post content to the web that points back at the place you would like it to.

However, the approach that I am using takes a different approach than the typical backlink strategies like linkwheels and the like. The reason being it effectively shields your primary site from being banned or sandboxed by Google because of too many backlinks that are built too quickly.

While Google doesn’t come right out and say it, everyone has some suspicion that they evaluate the rate of back link building that goes on on any particular website as an indicator of it being a legit site or maybe a potential can of spam.

I don’t really know anyone who wants to put out the time consuming process of setting up a money site, then get the thing “de-indexed” because you’re trying for too many website visitors to the site too quickly. I sure don’t.

The main strategy is to build 2 concentric rings of specific websites around most of your site. The The inner ring will link directly to your money site. The second, or, outer ring, with a lot more backlinks will in fact point to the webpages in the first or inner ring. The idea should be to actually have a lot more links out in the second ring pointing back to the sites that directly point to your money site. Clear as mud?

In order to build my inner ring I began by submitting to article directories first. Then I added articles on blogging platforms, doc sharing sites, and Squidoo and a Hubpage or two. I made sure that I linked back with anchor text to specific pages on my primary website. I didn’t do any linking between these properties except on Squidoo, where I posted RSS feeds at the base of my lenses

After that ring was in place, I built links to it by submitting the specific URLs to bookmarking sites, submitting the RSS feeds to aggregators, and marketing with articles to a blog network and article directories.

Using this technique is a lot easier if your linking strategy is written out ahead of time and if you keep track your progress. A simple spreadsheet or piece of notebook paper will actually do the job. What you do is keep track of each URL that you build so that you know which to link to and which to bookmark. Just check off each step as it’s completed and move on to the next.

For information on a backlink strategy read more at http://www.backlinkstrategythatworks.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=B._E._Williams

Posted by CJ Article Team

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