Building a Successful Coaching Business – Talk about YOUR Value, Not That You Are a Coach

Posted on October 01, 2010 by CJ Article Team


In a previous article, “Building a Successful Coaching Business – Successful Coaches Don’t Sell Coaching-They Sell RESULTS” we talked about the buyer’s thought process and that you had to sell value in each of the steps of the buyer’s thought process. So, here is how you develop your value statement.


  • Your value statement should be about RESULTS not activity. So, a statement like “business up 200%” is much more powerful than “more sales, better marketing, more appointments.”
  • Your value statement should always be MEASURABLE. “revenue up 200%” is better than “more revenue.” And, “Revenue up $1M” most of the time is even better than “revenue up 200%.” If you are stating “revenue up 200%” then always help the prospect convert that to dollars and cents. He WILL respond more often and faster.
  • Bracket your value.
    • Average– Start with an “average” result either across all of your clients, or “average” the result in different segments (even better).
    • Minimum–Then be prepared to talk about the minimum result you’ve ever delivered. Find the words that work the best here. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had clients that fell flat on their face, but there were few of them, and it wasn’t due to anything I did. In most cases, they just couldn’t bring themselves to change, so they kept making the same mistakes. My usual statement is: “for those that get it, and DO follow through with what they learn, most will more than double their business.” So, find your minimum, and how you feel comfortable stating it.
    • Maximum-Now find the best results you’ve ever delivered. For my sales training, I usually say something like “my typical client doubles his business in 3-4 weeks, and I’ve even seen a couple jump up 10 times within a week. And most of my clients just keep multiplying their results over and over.

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By bracketing your value, you have given a very clear value statement to your prospect. He can understand that working with you what the dollars and cents, or multiplier is for a typical prospect, and what the minimum and maximum is.

This approach will cause people to LEAP into your shopping card. Almost no one dares give a clear value statement, so you are WAY above your competition, and you have just removed any reason for that typical objection: “Gee this seems awfully expensive” or “I don’t have the money.”

Posted by CJ Article Team

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