How to Be Yourself in Your Business and Personal Life

Posted on September 07, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Be Yourself

I think comedian Lily Tomlin accurately expressed how many of us have felt most of our lives when she said, “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”

Of course, the most ideal person you should be is YOURSELF; however, the idea of being oneself is not as simple as it sounds. And as a result we become uncomfortable in our own skin and even stressed out when we are in social or public settings.

Let’s face it, most people spend their lives hiding from their own reflection trying fervently to be anyone but them selves, and surround themselves with people who support that facade. But we’re not fugitives here, folks!

A lot of our society is built on changing something about our selves. We change our physique, the way we dress, our hair color, our accent, our race and everything else under the sun. It’s really no surprise that there are entire books written on how to be ourselves.

Unfortunately, in various ways a lot of us came to the resolution early on that we ourselves are not good enough.

In terms of business this is the epitome of branding homicide. Factoid — YOU are all you’ve got. If you try to be anything else but YOU it starts to emit phoniness. But how do you uncover to the real you?

Well here are some steps to help you on you enjoy the journey of being you and at the same time it can help you create a brand for your business that you can live with and love.

Embrace All That You Are

Essentially this means accept yourself exactly as you are right now — Flaws and All! Give your self a break from your inner critic. Just for today — stop trying to change anything about yourself, including your bad habits. I’m not saying to continue on the path of self-destruction, but even for a moment be okay with exactly who you are right now. Within those flaws are strengths that can be used for something good in life when you are able to step back and look at them from a different perspective and find a new meaning and purpose for what was once considered a shortcoming.

Explore What You Secretly Dislike or Even Hate About Your Life

What are you currently doing in your life that you really secretly hate? You may not even realize you hate it, whatever “it” is. For example: do you wear professional business attire for work everyday because you think you have to dress that way to impress others, but you’d really feel much more comfortable in a nice pair of jeans and a fashionable shirt and comfy shoes. What other secret dislikes are you harboring?

Get Real

Being Real is like being a magnet; people are automatically drawn to it. Whether you like to come in terms with it or not, people see through you, and they know if you are real or not. Aren’t you attracted to real people? By being yourself you draw into your life the right people, factors, situations and release the positive energy that will make your very existence meaningful. After all, the whole essence of being YOU is to have the liberty of enjoying yourself; only a real person can enjoy himself/herself. It means getting down to the nitty-gritty of being honest with yourself and your God. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and laugh when you feel like it. That’s right, say what’s on your mind. And don’t pretend to be happy when you’re not. Don’t put on the chameleon act just to be who you think others want you to be if that’s not who you truly are. Being “Real” will make your life far more interesting and less complicated.

Be Cautious and Mindful Whom You Allow Into Your Circle of Influence

OK, so I happen to be a people person. I like meeting new people, engaging in intriguing, intelligent conversations, talking about new ideas, and celebrating our individual successes in life! But sometimes I haven’t always been very careful about who I chose to be in my circle of influence, which has created some rather messy problems. When you come in contact with people that test you and try to shake you up it’s better to say something that may be considered a little straight forward to see if that person is still is around the next day, rather than play it safe with someone who doesn’t respect you! I have weeded out many unsupportive and disrespectful people from my life by doing this exact thing.

Do What You Love

Throughout my life I have never seen more unhappy, unsuccessful, disenchanted, grumpier people than those who are unhappy with what they do for work. It could be that their career was once enjoyable, but has become unbearable for whatever reason. Now they feel stuck and unable to dream of something different for themselves. Mind you, I’ve been there upon occasion myself, so I’m very familiar with the feelings of holding my breath each day as I clock in and clock out of my miserable job that pays the bills, but doesn’t feed my spirit and soul. In my experience these are people that are out of alignment with their true hearts desire. They are the ones that frequent the pharmacy purchasing the latest drug for their most recent ailment or illness. Once again, been there – done that. Or they are the people who choose to blame their circumstances on things outside themselves. This is precisely why you must face your deepest fears and clear a pathway to discover what you truly love, and make doing what you love a reality in your life.

ENJOY YOURSELF. This is the ultimate. “Your life is a fabulous event, rise up to it!”

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 28 years. Today I feel extremely grateful that I was able to follow my heart and my gut — and be my own boss. Through the years I have had my share of ups and downs in business, relationships and health, and now I enjoy sharing what I know to help other entrepreneurial women learn from my experiences so they can integrate their business and personal life in a realistic and healthy fashion.

Melanie Banayat, aka MiliGirl, is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Business & Lifestyle Designer, and Professional Artist. Visit her site for tips on how to upgrade your wellness style from “Frazzles to Free” – the only style tips that reduce healthcare expenses!

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  • Stacie Walker


    I enjoy your article. It is full of wonderful content that anyone new to business can appreciate. I remember the days of feeling out of place when I started my own business years ago. I am so grateful that people that really cared about me, accepted me for who I am. Most importantly, I accept myself.

    Keep up the good work.

    Stacie Walker

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