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Posted on November 04, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Blog Marketing

Your chiropractic blog can be a very effective marketing tool online. That is if you use it and utilize it correctly. Too many blogs are rarely visited, rarely updated and rarely ranked in search in the manner that they can be. Here are some important tips that will help make your blog a top chiropractic marketing tool.

Fresh SEO Content

Content is king on the Internet. Search engines are very sophisticated and they are always looking for relevant, fresh content. There are five primary techniques or tools that you can employ to get solid ranking and return visits.

  1. Effective headlines that attract interest and are SEO friendly.
  2. SEO content that properly follows guidelines.
  3. Effective use of sub-headers and bullets.
  4. Content that helps visitors / potential new patients.
  5. Blog minimum – 600 words.

One Click Away!

Make your chiropractic blog easy to access. It should be one click away. That’s it. When someone is on your homepage, the tab for the blog needs to be easily found and accessed. No matter what page of your site someone is on, they should be able to access your blog using one click.

The same is true for your Facebook fan page. They should be able to view blog content on Facebook and then with one click, go to it. Also, be sure to make it easy for visitors to access recent posts and to get to your archives.

Connected to Facebook

It is essential that you connect your blog to Facebook so that those who visit your fan page can get to it. You may publish your content on Facebook, but you also want to encourage people to go to the blog on your site. That’s where you want them.

Images and Videos

Images and videos are great for attracting visitors to you chiropractic blog and keeping them coming back. Use them effectively to illustrate a point, create a tasteful humorous comment or to teach visitors about healthy lifestyle choices.

Links and More Links

You want to use links in your blog to get people to click to other parts of your website. Additionally, the use of links to direct people to your blog in offsite articles, on social media sites and on other pages of your site will enable people to connect easily. Linking is huge when it comes to chiropractic marketing and lifting you through the search engine rankings of Google.

Positive Results

If you make your chiropractic blog accessible and rely on well-written, useful content, people will return again and again. You’ll build trust, be seen as a resource and will earn high rankings. If you cannot handle the content yourself, there are freelancers and service providers who can provide these services ably and professionally. The bottom line is to get to the top of search engine rankings, incorporate your chiropractic blog and these tips.

Blogging for chiropractors can get you consistent streams of new patients each month if done right. For the latest chiropractic blog marketing and social media tips click the blue text in this paragraph now.

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