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Posted on March 02, 2012 by CJ Article Team


Best Email Marketing Software, Email Marketing ServicesOne of the best keys to successful online marketing campaigns is utilizing a collected email list. Online businesses need to build list of customers and prospective customers so they can keep touch and soft-sell products and services. And when you talk about email marketing softwares, AWeber is a popular choice, both for its great features and cheap cost.

Founded during 1998 when the Internet was still new, the same year Google is founded, more than a decade later AWeber has proven its reputation as a very user-friendly tool that online marketers find essential on their marketing campaigns. It’s being used worldwide by thousands of companies in a variety of marketing niches.

Aweber makes it relatively easy to communicate with your subscribers. It has the ability to track which links in each email are clicked the most often. This allows you to create strategies and figure out what is most effective with your customers. Templates for optin forms and email campaigns and also easily built and customized. Their autoresponders are also the easiest to use. This makes AWeber suitable for both experienced and newbies alike.

Let’s talk about the cost of using the software… its low monthly fee already allows you up to 500 of your first subscribers. AWeber also allows you to create unlimited lists so you can use just one account for all the websites you have, it’s very cost-efficient. They don’t have a trial version but that wouldn’t matter because they provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

A great list is one of the best, if not the best asset a company have. The more you invest on your list, the greater the return of your investment. It actually cost almost nothing to have an AWeber account but the returns are very high when you collected a powerful list.

If you still don’t have an AWeber account then you’ve been missing out a lot in your marketing campaigns. Create your account today.

Best Email Marketing Software, Email Marketing Services

Posted by CJ Article Team

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