Facebook Branding 101: Become Loud Enough So Your Peers Can Hear

Posted on March 01, 2012 by CJ Article Team


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Is important to foster a streamlined presence online and impress your network of friends and customers alike. Facebook is undeniably one of the most powerful social media tools that you can use to leverage in the viral power of the World Wide Web. It is best used to build and establish your brand, gain exposure, connect with customers and attract new clients. While it is fairly easy to set up a business page on Facebook, a lot of users are still unaware of how important Facebook branding is to build an impressive social media image that will enhance any business credibility.

A picture paints a thousand words

The first how-to lesson on Facebook branding is simply to use a suitable profile picture. Your profile image is one of the highlights of your page and it should convey and sum up what is in store in your page. You can cycle a few great images to provide fresh brand content depending on your business activities or events. If for instance you are running a promotion, you can post an image of the promotion as your page profile picture. Whatever image you choose, always ensure that the image is of high quality and up to par with your company’s high standard. The image should also be relatively in line with all your social media marketing objectives.

Mind your page’s thumbnail

To further enhance your Facebook branding, you should take into account the image of your thumbnail. Take note that the thumbnail image will appear for each time a comment is posted to other pages as well as on your fans’ news feeds. It is therefore imperative that your thumbnail is also pleasing to the eyes and ideally conveys your company brand. Hence, take time to edit your thumbnail appearance and reposition it to display a meaningful portion of the profile image. Play around with your profile image until it suits the appearance of the thumbnail. Don’t take this small tool for granted as it does create the most powerful impact on your social marketing efforts.

Take advantage of Facebook Photo Strip for adverts

Facebook photostrip is yet again another powerful Facebook branding tool that is so underused by many Facebook users. This tool will allow you to create 5 images that will be randomly rotated in the strip to serve as adverts for products or stuff that you want your fans or followers to check out. A great option is to tie in your photostrip images with your profile picture to show more of what your company is offering. You can also use graphics that will sum up your company profile and image.

Choose your associations carefully

The companies you are associated with can also make an impact in your Facebook branding. As a company it would be wise to also display your associations with other organizations in your page specifically in the featured “likes” portion of your page. The rule of thumb is to like organizations that are also beneficial to your brand. You can feature up to five organizations in your brand page. Remember to choose carefully as your associations with these organizations can make or break your reputation as well. Hence, choose well-liked and credible companies to feature that will also help enhance and uplift your company image.

By updating your page regularly, interacting with your customers as well as following the above Facebook branding tips, your brand will surely make a mark in the online community.

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Posted by CJ Article Team

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