Facebook F8 Keynote – What They Didn’t Tell You

Posted on October 05, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Facebook F8 2011

So a ton of new stuff on the Facebook front, got that. But what’s on the horizon? We definitely haven’t heard the last about these two topics, but the “no-show” items from the F8 Developers Conference Keynote were:

Facebook Credits

Virtual Credits have been touted as one of the biggest opportunities for Facebook in 2010, and with the blossoming of the micro-payment model, it’s surprising that Facebook decided to put it on the back burner. Companies like Playfish and Zynga, maker of the unbelievably popular Farmville game, are reporting huge revenue from getting users to spend small sums of money (as low as one dollar) in exchange for virtual credits or items to be used in games or given to friends.

Additionally, apps like Buxter, created by London-based ClickandBuy, allow friends to exchange small amounts of money (no more than roughly $60) to pay each other back for dinner the night before, or what have you, and, of course, charge a small fee on top of each transaction. It would only make sense (cents?) for Facebook to drive these smaller players out of the space and become the Credit standard for their more than 400 million users. But, alas, there was only brief and vague reference to what Facebook was doing with Credits, plus a small, technical “session breakout.”


In real estate, location is everything; however, at during the F8 keynote, location was nowhere to be found. Due to all the hype in recent weeks and months about Facebook launching some sort of location-based check-in technology to its platform, we arrive at three possible conclusions. First, that Facebook has abandoned incorporating geo-location: highly unlikely. Second, that Facebook has been so busy building and rolling out its new platform that they haven’t had time to think about geo-location: possible, but unlikely.

More than likely, Facebook is waiting for a deal to be structured between Microsoft and Foursquare, the front-runner in location-based social networking, and is hoping to incorporate the new Open Graph directly into foursquare once it becomes a Microsoft property, much like they’ve done with Docs.com. We haven’t heard the last of geo-location and Facebook, especially if the deal with Microsoft doesn’t happen (which it probably won’t – foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley still has a bad taste in his mouth from selling his previous startup, Dodgeball, to Google, only to watch them let it wither and die), but it certainly wasn’t discussed at the F8 Conference.

Read more: [http://socialightmedia.com/#ixzz0n9hSMXN8]. Philadelphia social media consultant and search engine optimization analyst Jed Singer works for an interactive marketing agency in King of Prussia, and runs the Socialight Media blog. Contact him via email or Twitter to discuss Social and Search possibilities for your site.

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Posted by CJ Article Team

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