Facebook Timeline Profile, a Scrapbook of Your Life

Posted on October 06, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Mark Zuckerberg with the New Timeline ProfileFacebook has unveiled a completely revamped profile page and rethought. It’s called Timeline (Timeline) and was designed to tell the story of your life, at least as much of it is on Facebook.

Use your old entries, photos and so on, at least the most important and things that can go up now, even before they appear on Facebook, or even before there was a Facebook.

It is much more visual than actual profile page, and probably more convincing.

Will certainly be more interesting for your friends see your photos or videos of the past rather than a line that shows the school and so on.

“In the early days of Facebook, your profile was pretty basic – just your name, photo, where you studied,” wrote Samuel W. Facebook Lessin an entry that describes the timeline.

“Over time, your profile has evolved to better reflect how you communicate with your friends.”

“Since the focus is on the most recent things you’ve uploaded, the most important things are lost from view. Your graduation photos are replaced with updates on what you ate for breakfast.”

“With the timeline, you now have a house for the great stories you’ve shared. They do not disappear when you add new things,” said he.

Once you see this, notice that it is a great renewal of your profile page, it really represents a big step forward and something no one else can offer.

You can fully customize the timeline to create your own or you can rely on Facebook that will bring the Facebook Timeline Profile Covers , updates and events you think are the most important.

You can remove those who do not want to show on your profile and you can add new stuff, such as the photos from when you were young.

There will be people who will not like the new profile Timeline, but it is certainly a great advantage and an indication that Facebook is doing his best.

In new Facebook Timeline Profile, Facebook Covers also very attract to peoples, and peoples also change these facebook covers.

Lee” means the integration with news sites such as Yahoo, CNN and others. “See” is about online video, and it says that Facebook is working with a number of sites and platforms to bring TV shows, movies and clips to the site. Finally, “Listen” music is and we know that Facebook is partnering with Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud and several other companies to integrate music into the social network. Of course there have always been content Facebook, is shared by most people.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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