Great Branding Ideas For Your Business

Posted on February 14, 2012 by CJ Article Team


Great BrandingBranding identifies the products or services sold by a company and differentiates the organization from its competition. To be considered effective, a brand must clearly deliver the intended message, confirm the credibility of the organization, emotionally connect to the target audience, motivate them to buy, and cement customer loyalty. Quite a tall order, to say the least, but also an essential component of a marketing strategy.

Facing an economy that is more competitive than ever before, companies are turning to creative methods to promote themselves. Everyone loves to get something for nothing, leading many companies to run contests with prizes like electronics, cash, and vacations. Though a purchase may not be required to participate, entrants learn more about the company products or services and may soon become loyal customers.

Along the lines of “free stuff” are giveaways like bottle openers, t-shirts, and pens. The green movement is in full swing and products like organic clothing, seed packets, and reusable water bottles and lunch bags are proving to be popular promotional items. Some companies even emboss their logos on eco-friendly jewelry like watches. These make elegant gifts from one business professional to another. One of the newest environmentally conscious branded products is the reusable ceramic coffee cup, which can be used in the office, at home, or in the car.

People enjoy receiving things they can use so bypass the magnets and key chains and think practically. A USB drive is something any computer owner will find valuable. Flashlights and golf products like balls, bags, and tees present creative branding opportunities. Anyone who enjoys a cold beverage every so often will love a beverage holder or bottle of wine with the corporate logo imprinted on the label.

Food is always a big hit so consider iced cookies that feature the company logo in all its intricate detail. Through the wonders of technology, bakeries are able to scan the logo and get it onto the icing in an edible form. Businesses can also purchase products like handmade soap, lotion, and candles and apply their own labels to the items, advertising their company.

When the ideas seem to run dry, consider the activities and habits of the target audience. Beach towels, beach chairs, and step stools make memorable corporate gifts. Cold weather apparel like system jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves are the perfect way to market the company at sporting events and outdoor activities. Nearly any product can become a branded one if a business finds the appropriate vendor.

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