How to Make Your Life Truly Beautiful!

Posted on November 04, 2010 by CJ Article Team


lifeYour Life is beautiful. You are unique. Our world is wonderful because there is just ONE and only one YOU. You are a co-creator of our world! Therefore, even though they may never in this world meet with you, let your thoughts, words and actions motivate and inspire many to be a maven that lives in haven.

Let your sagacity be seen by all and sundry. Call-into-being, a city that is as peaceful as haven and as impressive as the Sagacity of Sage.

In my head, I clearly see you inscribing your name boldly on that beautiful glass of glory with that shinning golden pen of prestige, distinction and eminence!

My heart is full of Love and my mind is full of Faith — and all, just for you. I see you manifesting God’s purpose through your Life on planet earth — as you live ultimately in that divine phonesis and epignosis that is sophic and esoteric by all rule of thumb.

Congratulations! I wish you Joy. I wish you Peace. And I wish you well. I wish you the wisdom of knowing the importance of empowering people and impacting lives down pat. I have in mind to pat you on the back, ultimately.

For now, I admonish you to live with strength of character and of mind realization, and be part of the performing generation. Go ahead and write your victory song, and get others singing with joy! We all can sing, but not we all can write a victory song.

Remember that the authority, the audacity, the nobility, the probity and the reputability abaft and aft a name, does not just pin a moniker on it. No, it defines and distinguishes that Name for admiration, adulation, devotion, veneration, recognition and decoration.

Now is your time to pin a moniker to your Name. Now is your time to step-up and leave a lasting legacy. Now is your time to stand up, not just to be counted, but to make yourself count. You cannot afford to be a wasted generation. No, God forbid!

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Finally, make your Life simple. Have no fears, whether of tomorrow or of death. But strive to know the truth about Life, and get to appreciate that death is just another phase of Life!

For me, I know my Life (and your Life) is a dream. And I look forward to waking-up one day, on the other side of the great divide, the great beyond, and looking back to say, “Wha-o! What a beautiful dream!”

© Jay Onwukwe

Copyright 2010 by Jay Onwukwe and Sam Chiyson.

Jay is the Author: The WEALTH SECRETS

His recent work: “The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40″, is a must-read for every Youth and everyone! And you’re just a click away from getting your own precious copy from See link above.

Sam Chiyson is Author: Sagacity of Sage.

Please visit the WEALTH & WISDOM membership website: http://www.before40.comfor great motivational, inspirational, and spiritual eBooks and articles. Not to worry, most of it is FREE!

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!

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By Jay Onwukwe

Posted by CJ Article Team

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