How iPad Conquered The World

Posted on September 01, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Apple iPad

During the last couple of years, the iPad from Apple has taken over the tablet computer market. In this article I will explain how they managed to pull it off.

The Apple iPad 2, is a wonderful small gadget, with fascinating design, phenomenal operating system, and unbelievable battery life that allows you to use the device without recharging up to 10 hours. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind packet with over 10000 applications and amazing hardware.

There are several reasons why the iPad from Apple became so popular.

Let’s go into the details:

1. You will get smarter

Scientific research shows that hands-on interaction, with items like Apple iPad, is a lot better for our brains than interaction through keyboard and mouse. The other positive thing is that the iPad interface is easier for us to look at, and that helps to avoid cognitive overload of brains. In result, using the Apple iPad will lead to focused thinking!

2. You will get rich

With an iPad, its easier to stay connected to business, clients and your investments, and you don’t have to worry about having laptop with internet connection all the time. All kind of professional documents can be created with the iPad: Documents, presentations and so on. Some journalists even use iPads to write articles on-spot instead of traditional pen and paper!

3. Help you travel

This is one of the greatest reasons (and probably the best) to own an iPad. You can browse through maps or use the build in GPS to navigate. It’s easy to get rid of fear of flying: the iPad brings some great distractions to the table during your flight: Movies, games, books and music are just some examples to get you started. There is even a specialized app for people who are afraid of flying that’s been developed in cooperation with Virgin Atlantic.

4. Save money

You can download loads of money management apps from the Apple store, so your budgeting will get easier. Now the good news: It is possible to obtain one of these engineering wonders for absolutely free! So you will actually be saving before you get one! This tablet computer can be a good alternative for laptops and smart phones. All you have to is click the link below and fill in your information and soon you will be rocking with your very own iPad!

After all, it’s no surprise that the iPad rose to immense popularity so quickly. It certainly is very unique device, and there was a empty spot in the market for device like this.

However, a big part of the success of this device, were the tremendous marketing efforts by Apple. Somehow, Apple managed to turn iPad into status symbol. When you spot someone with one, people immediately think that the one carrying the device is following his time and doing financially well as the iPads are a bit pricey.

Petteri Peelola is enthusiastic Apple fan and blogger. Have a look at his blog at iPad For Free

For more information about iPads, check his recent post at How To Get a Free iPad

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