Joel Comm’s Script Dojo Review

Posted on July 01, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Joel CommJoel Comm… Everyone knows him…

Where ever he goes, money flows, right?

Joel Comm´s has just launched his new site called “Script Dojo”.

It only costs you a penny to get your own script dojo, and that`s what makes it quite…hmm…suspicious!

Can something this cheap actually make you any money?

Well, I gave it a try.

I thought “After all it’s only $0.01! So even if it doesn`t work I’m not wasting a fortune!”

I was surprised when I entered the members area because I found a powerful system!

What makes script dojo so powerful then?

Script Dojo (.com) reviews software scripts and e-books. (And for my surprise, I found stuff That I use myself!)

You sign up and give your clickbank, paypal, and paydotcom ID’s… and your affiliate link is inserted on your Script Dojo page!

You actually earn 100% commissions on products that are sold through Clickbank, Paypal or PayDotCom!

Joel Comm´s Script Dojo In a nutshell:

  • You get your own affiliate store.
  • No installation or setup.
  • You get to know greatest upcoming products
  • You earn the Commissions on Products purchased by affiliates you’ve signed up, visitors who you have cookied, and subscribers you’ve referred!

And There`s even more!

Joel Comm has mind made of gold!

Script Dojo is not another “e-product mall”!
It’s a complete business and a long-term revenue system!
All you need to do is to tell others about your Script Dojo page and count your money!

My guess is: Joel Comm`s Script Dojo is going to be something HUGE And it only costs you one penny!

*** More info about Joel Comm´s Script Dojo can be found at “The reviewed files”: []

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