Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Tool

Posted on October 31, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Keyword Research

Writing articles to promote a certain service or product online with a goal to reach a large audience with the help of search engines has much to do with diligent keyword research. You get your article to stand out from the heaps of other articles online by feeding the search engines with effective keywords. To do this, here are some simple steps on how to do keyword research effectively using Google Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Tool is a free and it provides high quality data which is beneficial for you. First step is to set the location of the search to suit the country in which your business in located. To do this you will have to click on the Edit button and change it to Singapore for instance, so that you will have results specific for Singapore. Key in the keyword for example auditor SEO and leave the Use Synonyms checkbox selected. Now click on Get Keyword Ideas.

You will the see that the results are split into two categories; Keywords related to term(s) entered and Additional keywords to be considered. Related keywords can be found in the second list and transferred to an Excel file. Since the target audience is in Singapore, you are more interested in the local search volume than the global search volume.

The local search volume for the term auditor SEO states Not Enough Data will be translated to the value -1 in the exported file for Excel and you will see that there is Low Advertiser Competition for the term. Point your mouse on the green bar to check for alt text that will display appropriate level of competition. Obviously now you have noticed that auditor SEO is not a strong short tail keyword like SEO. By changing the geographical location auditor SEO to SEO you are now looking at a good targeted keyword as it shows very high advertiser competition represented by the green bar. For this, you will always need to select the widest term specific for your industry. Since the service that you cater is based around the term, it is a valid choice, and in this case, it is SEO.

As you are interested in the Local Search Volume, you will now click on the column heading Local Search Volume to sort the results in a descending manner. Here, you will see all the keywords that can become various categories. You are able to group them from the more specific to less general terms to be used under each of the category.

Now that you have known how to do keyword research, try it out! Keep in mind that in many industries such as fashion and arts there is changing trends which are represented by a change in keywords being used by searches. Keep in tune with the shifting trends by doing regular keyword research and keep your website up-to-date with new contents to attract searches using the latest keywords. The constant research for keywords can strenuous but is highly rewarding for your website and you should start today!

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