A Kind Word is Just a Personal Note Away

Posted on November 06, 2010 by CJ Article Team


lunchboxnotes6Receiving a card to say “Thank You” or to just say “Hi”, “Miss You”, “Wish You Were Here.” Just words, but they mean a lot when written to that special someone. Although the price of stamps has risen, what is a stamp among friends or family. There is nothing better than to receive a handwritten note in the mailbox. Perhaps you would also like to send a photo to someone special. It would mean so much to receive this personal note, written in your own hand writing showing that you care and that you took the time to do so. Especially if you haven’t seen someone in a long time, receiving a hand written card or note will make you feel closer.

Emails may be the thing in today’s world but they are not personal. I myself am to blame on occasion, but I try my best to be in contact personally with friends and relatives. Getting a card, letter or note in the mail is a nicer way to show you care. Finding that note in the mailbox of someone you haven’t seen in years is a wonderful feeling especially when they send you a picture of a new baby or grandchild

I once saw a movie, sorry can’t remember the name, but there was this woman who led a very lonely life and didn’t have any friends or relatives. She noticed that the lady across the street was always getting mail. The first lady looked in her box every day, but it was empty. One day the lady who received all the mail noticed her checking out her empty mailbox and decided to send her notes every day in the mail, but not identify herself as the lady across the street. Each time the lonely found a note, she was so happy and at least found comfort in having contact with someone. One day the lady across the street who was mailing the notes died and the lonely lady then knew who her mysterious friend was. She had kept her hopes up and made the woman’s life a little easier. It was a little sad, but just goes to show you how contact with someone can be a beautiful thing.
Let’s get back to being personal… somehow we have all lost that along the way. Let’s not have today’s technology take away the contact we have with those whom we love. Think about writing someone today – they will appreciate it.

Jackie Coote - http://www.impressionsbyjackie.com

Jacqueline Coote – Impressions by Jackie “Nothing Leaves An Impression Like A Lasting One”

By Jacqueline Coote


Posted by CJ Article Team

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