Living on Green Energy Today

Posted on May 25, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Our “modern” society is more like a “captive” society. How, you may ask? Through our dependence upon energy companies of all sorts, we have chosen to tether our lives to the “services” they provide. We are prisoners of our own choosing, allowing our livelihood to be determined by whether or not electricity flows through our homes, gasoline flows in our vehicles, or piped-in water flows through our kitchen faucets. This type of dependency on other companies for our lives and our comfort is called living “on the grid”. In fact, our dependency has become so severe that entire cities come to a complete stand still when the electric goes out after a storm! In some locations, people lose their lives due to extreme heat and cold when they have no electricity! Yet, despite the advanced technology in our country, we fail to seek any other means of supporting ourselves!

Today, a growing number of citizens are discovering the benefits of living off-grid, without any “modern” utilities, by using innovations in wind, solar, and other eco-friendly forms of energy! These people never have to worry about paying for a utility bill, drinking chemical-laden tap water, or the soaring gasoline prices! They have learned how to use age-old techniques and modern technologies to create a pleasant, comfortable lifestyle. Every modern comfort of life, such as air conditioning, lights, and transportation are still used on a daily basis.

Those who enjoy off-grid living today are never affected by high gas prices, because they produce their own fuel! They never worry about a malfunction at the local electric company, downed power lines, or a high electric bill that they simply cannot afford to pay. They have no concern for the cold of winter, for they remain warm and toasty in their homes with free energy!

Many individuals dream of living off-grid, but can’t afford to do so. In reality, setting up your home for off-grid living is much less expensive than paying monthly bills. Some individuals choose to transform their homes into totally self-sufficient dwellings as a gradual process, while others do all of the modifications all at once.

I built my own solar panels and a wind generator and saved well over $30,000. I get a cheque from the power company because I produce more energy than I use. If you’d like to learn how you can do the same check out Off Grid Living.

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Posted by CJ Article Team

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