Spiritual Development: A Must For A Successful Life Journey

Posted on August 08, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Spiritual DevelopmentIt is possible to be lost within one’s self for a very long time. Regrets and frustrations are quite normal when another negative characteristic is unlocked before us and had done damage with our plans. Especially in midlife, most people experience some sort of an awakening and a reexamination of past values. Some people came out victorious but some got stuck in that phase.

These events are quite expected when we undergo spiritual development. When we get frustrated or tried to question our present situation, it is a good indicator that we are looking through the surface of things and want to have a journey down to the deepest core of ourselves. We need this journey to find strength and hidden characteristics that we can use with our battles in life.

Spiritual development is often described to have several phases which can be compared to the phases that a caterpillar undergoes before it has turned into a butterfly. The final end stage is the maturation of the spirit which is ready to face the world with its beauty and radiance.

Before this stage is achieved, the individual is expected to be filled with pride, selfishness and egoism. Anti-social behavior and apathy are expected for people in this stage. This anti-social behavior may have sprung from negative past experiences in one’s childhood years causing a person to distrust or having misconception about the world. After feeling empty for such negative behavior, the individual would start questioning about his present behavior and may seek religion for solace. Religion would then provide him/her truths to guide him with the next stages of his journey.

There will be lots of remorse and self-hate but when an individual conquers all these, he begins to stop asking questions about other hidden truths and is satisfied with not knowing. This is a kind of newly acquired boldness, an inner strength an individual has not experienced before.

These phases of spiritual development do not actually run in a straight continuum and some may jump from one phase to the next before reaching the last stage after long years of struggling. This realization is so helpful among all people in different walks of life. Questions concerning one’s career, family life and personhood are sometimes answered when one fervently holds on until the last stage is achieved.

Along the journey, one may feel uninspired. This is normal but you need to ask for other people’s help to keep you going. Advices and inspiring words are good to remind you of your mission to journey towards the core of yourself and face life’s battles.

by Eva Gregory

Some people grow old without even knowing themselves or understand their reason for living. You don’t want this to happen, do you? To understand more on spirituality and spiritual development, read more articles at Spiritual Development.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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