Starting Out in CPA Marketing

Posted on February 08, 2012 by CJ Article Team


Starting Out in CPA Marketing
Firstly I’ll explain the term CPA marketing. CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’, which means for a designated action the marketer gets paid e.g. A visitor leaves an email address, the marketer gets paid for the action.

On one side we have the advertisers who give the information of their offer to the CPA network, the network then hand it on to the marketers to market the offers. The CPA Network in the middle keeps track of the offers and the information gathered by the marketer. Once information is passed to the CPA network they will then forward it to the advertiser. The CPA network collects the fee and passes on the payment to the marketer.

The offer can be any free sample the advertiser deems suitable to demonstrate the superiority of their product. Since the visitor to the site is interested in the product the offer can pay large dividends for the advertiser. This is how they are able to justify payments to the CPA network and marketer. This will quite often cost them less than an ad for TV and reap more customers from the campaign. The offers normally run for set periods of time so the marketer has to be setting up new offers and removing old offers on a regular basis.

The following is a list of some of the better known CPA networks that have many advertisers associated with them:

Affiliate fuel
Primary ads
Hydra network
These networks have many advertisers associated with them and this leads to the problem of information overload for the newbie entering into this internet business. What offer should I choose and how do I start? Another issue arises in joining these networks, they often require you to answer questions on how you’ll market their offers, what websites you’ll use and what experience you have. This can be a bit daunting for a newbie and may lead to the network rejecting your application to join. So here is the dilemma, to join these established CPA networks you’ll need experience but you can’t get experience until you join.
Ideally a newbie starting out in CPA marketing should be welcomed into the network without previous experience and not require the member to have an established website. The network he joins should provide a professionally produced website and give assistance in marketing it. Another requirement would be that the payout is sufficient to provide a profit after expenses and that the offer is appealing so that the conversion rate is high. It would also be helpful if there were fewer advertisers to choose from so the newbie can get started without wasting time in selecting the best product. Finally the offer should remained the same and not have a close date so that regular updates of the website are required.

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