Take Action Now – Stop Waiting for Someone to Come Knock on Your Door

Posted on November 06, 2010 by CJ Article Team


takeaction09-3-10You must take action now moving towards your goals or the outcomes in life that you wish to achieve. Psychologists have done a lot of research and have found many people are waiting until tomorrow or until something happens to them to start working on their goals. Many people unconsciously think someone will show up at your door, ring the bell, and then tell you, now have permission to get started working on your life and your goals. This is not the way it works; this is only a fantasy in your head. You must do the work yourself and you must get started now.

People who are not working towards goals and achieving their dreams in life are wasting time. You could be the next Michael Jordan or Einstein, but unless you start working on your goals you will never achieve either. There is so much untapped potential, wisdom, ability, and talent in this world and each and every one of us, it is really amazing when you think about. It’s also a shame when you think about how much potential each person has and how little they do to develop and maximize their potential.

You must make a plan now and start taking action. You can either set goals or solve problems, and then result will be the same. You will achieve the outcome and desires you are looking for in life. You must grab the bull by the horns and start seizing each moment when it comes to you. Do not continue waiting around for something to happen. Something may happen to you one day, but it may be a long time from now, and you only have a limited amount of time on this planet.

Go get the degree that you want to now. Go find the person that you want to share your life with now. Go figure out who you wore and what your unique ability is that you can contribute to this world now. Even if you end up making what we call a mistake or two along the way, this is a great thing. You should minimize, but welcomed mistakes in life. It is what you do with these mistakes and how you correct your path you are on in life that matters. When you start taking action, you will feel alive, and start to get addicted to that feeling. Soon, you will build up an unstoppable momentum that will drive you forward until you reach your destination. It would be equivalent to a snowball starting at the top of Mount Everest and rolling down. When he gets 20% of the way down the hill, there is no stopping it. The momentum is so high, all you can do is get out of the way or go with it. You need to become that snowball rolling down Mount Everest.

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By Darius Maslow


Posted by CJ Article Team

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