Top Fat Burning Foods – 5 Top Secret Fat Burning Foods Experts Don’t Tell You

Posted on October 01, 2010 by CJ Article Team


windows-vista-aurora-dream-wallpaperDo you like the idea of eating and burning fats? I’m not talking about the need for you to starve and lose weight. The top fat burning foods are ideal and they have the capability to not only burn fats, but also to give your metabolism rates a hike!

I know it sounds somewhat unimaginable. But here’s the awesome news; fat burning foods do exist! However, we should not count on these foods to work on their own. If you want to lose weight the healthy way, you’ve got to continue maintaining a healthy diet, drink loads of water and work out regularly.

5 Top Fat Burning Foods To Lose A Lot Of Weight Fast:

Top Fat Burning Foods #1 – Fiber

Fibers are considered a pure slimming medication. This is simply because our digestive system can not break down dietary fibers completely. Which means they aren’t fully digested and so they are transferred through the gastrointestinal tract to be excreted, dragging water and other substances with them.

Top Fat Burning Foods #2 – Gum

As introduced in the Experimental Biology convention held in New Orleans, chewing sugar-free gum for about 15 minutes after every meal will help you manage hunger and reduce snacking between the three important meals each day. You will be better able to manage you daily calorie intake.

Top Fat Burning Foods #3 – Almond

A survey by the University of Toronto discovered that individuals who ate white bread with almonds had steadier blood sugar ranges than those who ate only bread. Do not forget that the faster your blood sugar increases, the faster it drops.

This results in greater starvation and overeating. Elevated blood sugar will also increase insulin secretion. This is a hormone in charge of storing fats within the abdomen.

Top Fat Burning Foods #4 – Apple

An apple a day is great to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People who eat at least one apple right before meals tend to take in fewer calories. Their calorie intake level is well-managed. Thus, no extra calories will be left to turn into fats.

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Apples have extra iron which refrains us from hunger. Apples are also rich in antioxidants that will help increase our metabolic rape, thus, we’ll lose weight much faster.

Top Fat Burning Foods #5 – Black Eyed Beans

If you haven’t noticed, people who eat black eyed beans often have slim and fit figures. No doubt, beans are one of the best natural fat burners available.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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