Top Five SEO Myths Explained

Posted on October 21, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Search Engine Optimization

As with any competitive industry, the world of SEO has managed to accumulate a fair few myths. Whether it’s through misinformation from agencies, a general lack of understanding, or both, these myths are in desperate need of debunking. If you’re looking to hire an SEO agency then it’s certainly worth knowing about who you should avoid. Here are some of the most widely spread myths when it comes to search engine optimisation agencies.


Any agency that offers you any kind of guarantee when it comes to the results they can deliver for you, are not being entirely honest with you. The way Google ranks websites is constantly evolving and nothing about the world of SEO is stable. In such a fluctuating market place, it is impossible to guarantee anything. Google do not tell SEO agencies how their algorithm works or how it is going to work in the future, thus making any ‘guarantees’ completely redundant. If Google announced details of their algorithm to the world, then there would be no need for SEO agencies to exist.

A Good Google PageRank is all that Matters

Google PageRank is obviously important when it comes to where your website ends up in Google’s search results. In fact, PageRank is in fact only one element of a highly complex algorithm that Google has created. PageRank measures the number of links you have, the quality of those links, and many other things. It’s a very visible symbol for webmasters, but it certainly isn’t the only factor to be considered.

Meta tag Keywords Affect your Rankings

Meta tag keywords no longer affect your Google rankings. The argument has long been that having keywords in your meta tags is bad because it allows competitors to see what you are ranking for. However if this is the way that an SEO agency chooses to find about keyword competition, then they are clearly not a worthwhile agency.

Keyword Cramming

Keyword cramming will never be a good way to get a good ROI. Simply stuffing keywords into content is not an ethical or effective way to get good rankings. Google cares about relevancy and it cares about well written original content. Your blogs, articles, and other written pieces are going to be read by people, not robots.


Fantastic results are not gained overnight and anybody who offers such services should be immediately dismissed. Good SEO work is never really complete, because it takes time and can always be improved upon.

Don’t get drawn in by promises of number one spots for top keywords in a matter of weeks. It may take some searching, but ethical agencies do exist and can deliver great results. Be cautious and you’ll find that SEO work can be incredibly fruitful.

Kingpin-seo specialise in ethical link building and know that SEO work can be infinitely more useful to all involved when it’s done correctly. If you’re looking to optimise your website, then they could be the SEO agency for you.

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