Turning Ideas, Goals, and Dreams Into Reality

Posted on October 27, 2010 by CJ Article Team


realityThe best way to make a goal or idea materialize is to learn how to make it persist. Have you ever been sidetracked from a good idea, a meaningful goal, or your dream because you did not quite know how to make it materialize? The ability to make your ideas or dreams a reality is not only a key factor of success, it is also an indispensable asset to achieving happiness, or to one’s ability to recover quickly from unexpected setbacks. It takes a tremendous amount of mental fortitude, realistic thinking, and creative problem solving to be able to achieve the success and happiness one desires out of life. These are just some of the conditions and actions that it takes, in order to have an idea materialize, or make a dream come true. Persistence is not just the ability to keep on keeping on; it is also the very essence of making ideas and dreams a reality.

Nothing can exist, survive, or last unless it can also persist. With that being said, how do you make an idea persist, until it materializes? How do you maintain your motivation and drive in the face of challenges? Most importantly, how can you free yourself from the elasticity of recurring problems, so that you can move forward with less effort or stress – and with greater effectiveness? The key here is to know and fully understand what the elements of persistence are, and use them to take effective actions that will get you results. No solution is useful to anyone unless they know about it and feel certain they can use it to accomplish the results they desire. Allow me to introduce the book and workbook Secrets of the Art of Persistence – solutions for turning your ideas and dreams into reality.

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By Tapiwa Chitembure

Posted by CJ Article Team

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  • Bernie_cole

    I set a lot of goals for myself. I used to have trouble accomplishing even half of them because I wasn’t approaching them in the right way. The goals I set weren’t always clear and I couldn’t keep track of everything. I found this online organizer a couple of months ago and it has made all the difference. I can now easily follow the plans I make, and the plans themselves are now clear. I use it every day.

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