The Value of a Mentor: Priceless

Posted on November 06, 2010 by CJ Article Team


mentorAs part of their training, doctors learn how to do medical procedures in the classroom and then perform those procedures under close supervision as part of their internship until they have the experience and confidence to work on their own. It’s an approach to training that also works well for real estate investing.

“Our classroom training is outstanding, but for many of our students, the mentor is what kick-starts their investing career,” says AC Johnson, coordinator of Wealth Intelligence Academy’s(TM) mentoring program.

The concept of mentoring is a proven one and works in virtually any environment–school, professional, and social. “All successful people had mentors,” says Johnson. “Russ Whitney himself will tell you he’s had many mentors over the years, and still has mentors today.” (Russ Whitney is the founder of Wealth Intelligence Academy’s parent company, an internationally-recognized leader in the financial education industry, and a best-selling author.)

The Wealth Intelligence Academy mentoring program is successful, Johnson says, because the mentor works one-on-one with students in their home town. “The mentor is there in the students’ actual world, working side-by-side with them in the community where the students will be investing,” he says. “Over and over, students tell us that those first few deals are the hardest because they’re afraid they’ll do something wrong. With the mentor there, the students have nothing to fear. And when the mentor leaves, the students are absolutely unstoppable.”

The best proof of the benefits of a mentor comes from what the students themselves have to say–and they are eager to share their mentor success stories on the discussion board. Just a few examples:

“Having done our first deal, we … were kind of sputtering along getting offers rejected left and right. Finally time came for our mentor to come to town. [He] lit our business on fire. He pushed us to get our ads out there, he worked with us on how to formulate offers that would get accepted in our area, and put us back on the right path. If you have any doubts about whether or not to get a mentor or to get yours scheduled, DO IT!” David J.

“I wouldn’t be this successful if it were not for my fabulous mentor.” Cindy M.

“It works! Everything we’ve learned in the different trainings works! The best part was when our mentor was with us. Since he left us seven months ago, [we acquired] $1.5 million in assets. When he was with us, he showed us how and did it.” Bryan Z. & Sandra K.

“My mentor … became the guardian angel I needed to get me started and push me overboard to make my first deals. He opened my mind and my eyes to every possible opportunity. To those who are still skeptical about the mentoring program, I think you are wasting your time. Have your mentor come soon, and you’ll never regret it.” Rene.

All mentors are carefully chosen and meet the high standards of Russ Whitney and the Wealth Intelligence Academy. Mentors must be actively and successfully investing in real estate, have the skills to teach others, and be able to go into virtually any market in the country and immediately begin the investing process. Then students are matched with mentors based on their specific situation and objectives.

Mentors contact their students in advance for a detailed telephone session that addresses the students’ needs, experience, and goals. During that session, mentors tell their students how to prepare to get the most out of the mentor’s visit. “The mentors give the students very specific ‘homework’ assignments that are tailored to their particular market and goals,” Johnson says. “When the mentor gets there, the student is ready.”

The mentor works with the student (or students, in the case of partners and couples) for up to four full days, depending on the program, combining structured individualized training with real world application. “Essentially, the mentors say, ‘Here’s what you need to do, now let’s go do it,’ and they take the students out, looking for deals and funding,” Johnson says.

The mentoring relationship doesn’t end after those dynamic days. Mentors and students stay in touch by phone and e-mail; the mentors continue to coach, advise, cheer, and if necessary, commiserate–but the bonds they form with the students are strong and lasting.

Is there a single key to a successful mentoring experience for students? “Absolutely,” says Johnson. “Take action, sign up, get it scheduled and do it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will reach your goals.”

Jordan Taylor is the editor of Millionaire Mentor™ Newsletter, which is published by Whitney Education Group, Inc.™ To sign up for a free subscription, visit [] For more information about the mentoring program offered through Wealth Intelligence Academy™, visit

By Jordan Taylor


Posted by CJ Article Team

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