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Posted on November 21, 2011 by CJ Article Team


make money with affiliate websites

There are a few different ways to make money with a website. You could create a web store. Maybe, you like to make greeting cards or some other craft that you could sell online. Or you could create a website devoted to intellectual properties you’d like to sell. Like a book. Perhaps you have a great plan for making money on the internet. You can build a site around your book. Or you could create an affiliate marketing site. This is by far my favorite idea for making money on the internet. With an affiliate program you can create anyone of these types of sites to get paid and the best part is there is no need for inventory.

The first thing you do is decide what kind of site it’s going to be. A simple affiliate marketing site could be thought of as a single page on the web. Let’s say that you have a healthy interest in trail running, like I do. You could create a website that exhibits the places you like to run. You could take pictures,give trail descriptions and lengths, and give GPS coordinates to your favorite spots. Then all you need is some affiliate programs to promote. Making sure that they relate to your core audience for a trail running site.

An example of a larger site could be a blogging site that covers multiple ideas. Each page covers a different topic and offers it’s own affiliate banners. The great thing about a blogging site is that you are continually adding new unique content to your website. That will help drive free traffic to your site using search engine rankings. Another advantage is that a blogger can take full advantage of social media sites, this also helps improve their search engine ranking.

Search engines, like Yahoo and Google, are an affiliate marketers best friend. The higher you can get your website to rank for certain keywords the more free traffic your website will receive. For the simple page example of a trail running site it would be important that your content is keyword heavy as well as your page title. Once your main content is written and keyword heavy, go find a good matching affiliate program. For this example maybe you can get in an affiliate program with Brita and their new sports filter bottles.

This is just a hypothetical idea for the use of the example. I’m not even sure that Brita offers a program but, I can promise you that you will be surprised by the number of companies that offer affiliate programs. I suggest perusing commission junction of another affiliate marketing network just to get some ideas.Once you make the decision on the type of website you want to start the next thing to do is get web hosting.

At my website I offer information and coupons to some really great web hosting companies. Feel free to come by and see if my information can be of any assistance to you.

My name is Eric L. Ruth. I own an affiliate marketing website dedicated to web hosting At my website you will find what I believe to be valuable information for anyone who is thinking of starting their very own site. You will also find coupons from some of the webs leading web hosting companies. As well as links to help you promote and manage your online business. Today is the day! The economy is perfect for the success of an online business. With the right tools and the right state of mind, you could begin your journey today with us.

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