What is a Children’s Ministry, and How Does it Help Children in Need?

Posted on October 01, 2010 by CJ Article Team


A ministry in Christianity is simply an activity carried out by any Christian or group of Christians to express their faith. Quite often this takes the form of helping those in need, especially in developing countries. This ministry action is taken on by organized groups of Christians who want a better world for children in need and to foster good Christian citizenship and values. Some groups – formally known as ministries – network and forge links worldwide in order to share information and resources. Because of increasing concerns over the welfare of children in countries that suffer poverty, famine and disease, many children’s ministries are now equipped to help children in need. Each children’s ministry reveals the nature of God in its work; and they can work through a range of educational, health and charitable programs to help children in need become independent Christian adults.

Each Christian children’s ministry often works in a variety of ways. Some choose to give assistance to children in need from a prenatal level, by providing support and assistance to mothers-to-be. Educational programs on parenting, spiritual and emotional guidance and support, backed up with advice on nutrition and hygiene, are part of an approach that has a strong emphasis on prevention.

Because a Christian children’s ministry takes into account local culture and environment, the teaching and development programs for children in need can make God’s message more relevant and more useful – practically and spiritually. An effective children’s ministry will offer a church-led upbringing alongside parenting at home, Christ-centered childcare and guidance, and various types of support for children in need.

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What makes a children’s ministry so effective at fighting poverty and inequality in developing nations is an age-specific approach. This makes the religious aspect of the children’s development more relevant and focused on the issues they are likely to face as they grow and learn more about the world around them. Using the gospel as a directional tool, stories and teachings can be delivered in a format that engages with the local culture. In this way the children’s ministry can deliver God’s message to children in need alongside real and beneficial support.

By working in partnership with local churches across the world, a children’s ministry can create child development models to increase infant survival rates. Each ministry can organize and promote child sponsorship programs to ensure a locally relevant education and well-being strategy, and nurture lifelong skills and values that will help the children in need become responsible Christian adults. By combining social, economic, spiritual and physical support, children are given a real chance to discover the true meaning of Christianity. This can also help them to make sense of God’s creation.

Christians in the U.S. have expressed their hopes and prayers that these children in need in developing countries will get a real chance to live their lives according to the gospel, and grow and learn in order to fulfill their ambitions. Thanks to the work of each children’s ministry, Christians are also able to give directly for children in need for their spiritual and physical nourishment.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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