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Posted on October 01, 2010 by CJ Article Team


When I started title repping in 2002, I was coming off being a geeky computer software trainer, with very little experience on the outside in sales. In Southern CA, title sales is mostly about reputation, first impression, and long-term relationships. I had none of these things. So, my boss sat me down and said, “I broke my sales territory in 6 months, and this is what I did. You can, too, if you do as I say.”

1. Wear business shoes and shine them daily.
2. Keep hair cut and groomed.
3. Look fresh and crisp. Shower every morning before work and wash hair.
4. Be physically fit. Trim and energetic is attractive.
5. Wear a dress shirt only one time before washing and ironing.
6. Wear only white dress shirts.
7. Wear coats into offices.
8. Don’t talk politics, religion, or sex.
9. Don’t monologue. Ask leading questions and listen and remember.
10. Talk you, me, and us. It’s a one-on-one relationship business.
11. Always encourage, recognize, and compliment.
12. Don’t overstay your visit. Get in, get your response, and get out! Repetition has greater value.
13. Make 30 calls a day.
14. Know who directs the business; the manager, loan rep, or processor.
15. Always look for an opportunity to present.
16. Do your presentation in their conference room.
17. Give a well-prepared, rehearsed presentation on your company, your service, and yourself.
18. Ask for the order without hesitation, confidently yet politely.
19. Use the four steps to selling – A) rapport, B) interview, C) presentation, and D) close.
20. Don’t offer things they don’t want.
21. Ask them – A) who they use; B) how long have they used them; C) why do they use them; and D) what do they look for in a title company. Then, go into your presentation.
22. Use customer names frequently.
23. “Mr.” would apply to older gentlemen.
24. Maintain a route of A, B, and C accounts after about 75 offices have been found.
25. Go to A’s more than B’s. Go to B’s more than C’s.
26. Always leave marketing material.
27. At first, spend money to feed offices. Put your business card sticker on stuff. This is marketing.
28. Pizzas work well for taking lunch into offices.
29. By the third month, once you’re recognized in these offices, spend money on individuals.
30. Give people gifts occasionally as a token of appreciation. Blockbuster, Starbucks, movies, Barnes & Noble, etc.
31. Always write thank-you notes for business. NOT e-mails. NOT phone calls.
32. Keep an open and closed order book to reconcile business.
33. Maintain an updated list of things to do.
34. Take people to lunch to get to know them.
35. Carry a folder. When a customer has a request, write it down in front of them.
36. Don’t try to impress the customer with technology, only offer if they request.
37. Return phone calls in 10 minutes.
38. Answer phone as much as possible.
39. Always follow-up. Don’t expect something got done because you asked.
40. Keep notes about respective customers on the back of their business cards. Also, their description and discussion.
41. Do busy work at night. That is down time. See customers during daylight prime time.
42. Get time frames of expectations from customers on all requests. This will assist time management.
43. Always underpromise and overdeliver.
44. Never act like you know something if you don’t. This will cause a detriment to your credibility.
45. If you don’t know, say “I don’t know but I’ll find out and get right back to you.” Then do it.
46. If we screw up, never be defensive. Say “That shouldn’t happen – I’ll look into it,” and see that it doesn’t happen again.
47. A) If someone blasts your internal staff, listen to your customers, tak enotes in detail, and then, giving the benefit of the doubt to our fellow employee, ask them what happened. B) If it sounds like we have an internal problem, then bring it to me.
48. Your job is to be a “problem solver.”
49. Your desire to help will show well.
50. Believe in yourself.
51. Be yourself.

Posted by CJ Article Team

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