Our Worlds Children Need Saving

Posted on May 30, 2011 by CJ Article Team


World ChildrenMany adolescents do not have the advantage of living a fully privileged life, which many kids of loving and caring families do. There are many children in need of affection, but there are also some that need what many others take advantage of. Large portions of youth in this world need a roof over their head, food, running water and clothing which many take for granted.

In America every one out of fifty children that goes to sleep without a home at night. As some children are wrapping themselves in their big comfortable sheets, some are searching only for a place to rest their head, and have a warm meal. There are a total of 1.5 million young people that are without a home in America. Luckily there are places in America that do offer help to these kids, and the families that they reside with. Especially in these economical times it’s hard for parents to support themselves and their family at the same time.

A child should never have their education taken away from them, even if they or their families do not have enough money to afford it. Education is one thing that every single person in America has the right to, and should follow through with because an education can better their lives. There are some organizations that do school those in need of an education. This is sometimes the only chance that a child gets at bettering their future for themselves.

Children that have no homes, or have families with no money can most of the time face very hazardous health problems. Living on the street is no place for anyone to be raised, or a bad household, no matter the circumstances. If an unfortunate child does not have the right health care growing up, then they may have some serious health problems as they grow older. The health problems can come from having no plumbing so they have to sit in their waste all day. Also, those in families with bad financial problems can face not eating for days, which can ruin their developing bodies, because they are never being nourished.

No one person should ever have to go through what a large portion of our worlds children go through today. Each and every adolescent on this earth should in some way receive a place to lay their head, a good meal, and the loving and caring of a family every single day. Even though the case may be that much of the younger generation are dying because of the situations they are in, we as a people are learning how to help inopportune adolescents in new ways every day.

The author is a professional freelance journalist who writes about a wide range of subjects including how Christian charities and others help children in need around the world.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeremy_P_Stanfords

Posted by CJ Article Team

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