JVBP – Joint Venture Business Partner


Joint Venture Business Partner

A JVBP is a Joint Venture between an individual or a business that would like the CJ team to become directly involved as a Shareholder or Stakeholder in their Projects to help offset the costs of development and implementation.

Due to the high number of JVBP requests we receive, we choose our business partners very wisely.

We are always open and flexible to new ideas and projects that will really enrich the lives of people in their respective target markets

As such we tailor a plan to suit both the client and the CJ Team to be able to deliver top value and achieve the results that are agreed upon before any JVBP Commences.

The only requirements we ask you to have before approaching us for a JVBP is the following

  1. Ensure that you have your Vision, Dream or Draft Plans ready to go before any consultation takes place
  2. Must have great support systems in place for all potential customers and clients
  3. Must have an Exit Plan Strategy or Vision for the Future
  4. Must have a real passion for what it is you want to achieve
  5. Must be Heart Centred and Genuine with your Intentions
  6. Must be prepared and ready for Growth and Prosperity
  7. Must be open and willing to learn new ideas and concepts
  8. Must be prepared for Honest Assessments and Home Truths
  9. Must have Products and Services that are Honourable
  10. Must realize that we don’t work for Free

We are very flexible and understand the specific needs of each of our Business Partners.

We pride ourselves on only entering in Joint Ventures where we can see the full potential of the Products or Services on offer so that both parties will benefit from the Resources, Network and Services required to create an ongoing positive return.

If you think that doing a JVBP with the CJ team is for you then please, proceed to the form below and fill out the details.

We are excited and look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can create some magic together.

Best Wishes

Clayton Johnston

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