JVC – Joint Venture Client


Joint Venture Client

A JVC is an individual or business who has approached the CJ Network via our Web Portals and would like us to provide Mentoring, Consultations, Brainstorming Sessions, Services, Tools, Products, Resources or Training.

Some of the areas we specialise in include:

All of our JVC Clients are Unique and have a different set of requirements, targets and goals for their Business.

As such we tailor a plan to suit both the client and the CJ Team to be able to deliver top value and achieve the results that are agreed upon before any JVC Commences.

It is our Goal to set up long term benefits for both the Client and the CJ community as a result of entering into a Joint Venture.

If you find yourself with not enough time in the day to achieve your visions or implement your ideas online or offline then now may be the perfect time for you to contact the CJ Team.

Maybe you have a brilliant Innovative Idea, Business Products, and Service and don’t know how to bring all of this together to take advantage of the new Online Media called the Internet or World Wide Web.

You are totally excited and ready to Launch your business online but have already spent thousands of dollars with little or no results.

Our best advice if you are in any of these situations above is that you are simply trying to do too many things at once and don’t have the right team, network, knowledge or resources to help you implement your Vision, Innovations and Ideas effectively.

Well if that is where you are now, then now would be the ideal time to talk to the CJ Team and see how we can bring some life to your business online and offline.

The only requirements we ask you to have before approaching us for a JVC is the following:

  1. Must have a real passion for what it is you want to achieve
  2. Must be Heart Centred and Genuine with your Intentions
  3. Must be prepared and ready for Growth and Prosperity
  4. Must be open and willing to learn new ideas and concepts
  5. Must be prepared for Honest Assessments and Home Truths
  6. Must have Products and Services that are Honourable
  7. Must realize that we don’t work for Free

If you think that doing a JVC with the CJ team is for you then please, proceed to the form below and fill out the details.

We are excited and look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can create some magic together.

Best Wishes

Clayton Johnston

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