JVP – Joint Venture Promotions


Joint Ventures Promotions

A JVP is a Joint Venture between an individual or a business that already has an existing Product, Service, Tools, or a System that they really believe will be of great benefit to a Targeted Market who can use this.

We offer a wide range of target markets to our JVP Partners, some of these Services, Products, Tools and Resources include

  • Natural Healing
  • Health & Well Being
  • Business Coaching
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Traffic Experts
  • Wealth Creation
  • Love & Relationships
  • Children & Families
  • Marketing Experts
  • Web Site Development
  • Outsourcing & Delegating
  • Business Growth Experts
  • Spiritual Leaders & Mentors
  • Good Food Recipes & Tips
  • Earth and the Environment
  • Self Development

All of our JVP Clients are Unique and have a different set of requirements, targets and goals for their Business.

As such we tailor a plan to suit both the client and the CJ Team to be able to deliver top value and achieve the results that are agreed upon before any JVP Commences.

The only requirements we ask you to have before approaching us for a JVP is the following

  1. Must have a Product or Service that is loaded with Top Value and Free from Hype and False Promises
  2. Must Have Quality Support systems in place and demonstrate that all customers will receive top of the range support after the purchase is made
  3. Must be prepared to provide the product or service to the CJ team to review and assess the information, systems and tools that are in place and being promoted
  4. Must have a Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee for all Products Promoted
  5. Must have a Robust Affiliate System in Place to track Sales and Traffic Created
  6. Must have an Affiliate Payments System in Place to make payments on time with no excuses
  7. Must have a real passion for what it is you want to achieve
  8. Must be Heart Centred and Genuine with your Intentions
  9. Must be prepared and ready for Growth and Prosperity
  10. Must be open and willing to learn new ideas and concepts
  11. Must be prepared for Honest Assessments and Home Truths
  12. Must have Products and Services that are Honourable
  13. Must be prepared to pay Start Up costs and Service Fees Payments Prior to and during the promotional stages to offset any marketing costs incurred by the CJ team
  14. All JVP Partners have the opportunity to offset Service Fees for affiliate payment revenue generated
  15. You must be totally transparent with all of your Web Site Statistics and Revenue Generated during our JV. This will require access to your web site statistics and weekly reports provided by you and your team.
  16. Must realize that we don’t work for Free

As you can see we are totally flexible, but once we commit to a new JVP Partner we will ensure that any costs incurred to you during our Joint Venture will be well and truly covered during the course of Promotions.

The key to a successful promotion is to Laser Target your potential market and customers. This will ensure that all promotions are cost effective and both parties receive a maximum return on their investment.

It is our ultimate goal to drive maximum traffic 24/7 to your Websites, Products, Services, Tools and Resources.

We work on securing Long Term Exponential Income and customers for both parties, to ensure the JVP will continue to be an ongoing success each and every year.

As part of our Service we grow Social Media Followings and help to build Email Lists during the Promotions Stage for further marketing of Relevant and Related products to the Target Market as an ongoing process.

If you think that doing a JVP with the CJ team is for you then please, proceed to the form below and fill out the details.

We are excited and look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can create some magic together.

Best Wishes

Clayton Johnston

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