Thankyou JV Membership


Thankyou JV Membership

Value Package 35

Thank you JV Community Membership – $10/Month

Share the Wealth JV Membership Community.

Become a member of something simple yet great to be part of

30% of all membership Costs goes to Children in Need
20% of all membership Costs goes back to the people in Prizes
50% of all membership Costs goes to Maintaining & Growing the Community….

If we can create 1000 members who can afford a simple $10 per month to help us grow our dream and build something worthwhile for all of you then that will create the following

$3000 going to children in need monthly or 75 children’s needs each month
$2000 going to community members for Prizes and Gifts
$5000 going towards growing the community, connecting people and providing top value for everyone for only $10, which is the cost of 2 x cups of coffee or 2 beers each month…

Your small contribution can make all the difference too many people’s lives and help to inspire hundreds more daily…

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