Can Consumers Live Without Mobile Gadgets?

Posted on May 23, 2011 by CJ Article Team


Consumers On MobileIf you’re not aware that millions of people are using mobile devices for everything from gaming to telephoning to shopping, then you’re on a different planet. Hello out there!

So, what does that mean for your business? Simple! There are potential customers in your local area looking for a business like yours using their cell phones, PDAs or BlackBerrys to find them.

I recently ran across a report on some research done by a company called BurstMedia founded in 1995. Here is how they describe themselves on their website:

Burst Media works for independent web publishers to provide advertising representation, services, and technology across the broadest and deepest number of interest-based web sites online.

The report covered research they had recently done on how consumers use their gadgets more and more. Some of the facts that came out of the research were that 56% of the people surveyed use their mobile devices to shop!

What this means is that if someone is looking for a business – bookstore, pizzeria, dry cleaners, office supplies, or whatever – on a mobile device it means that they are in the market area and want to buy. If you are present on their device, they will find you.

As the motto of this site says: “If your customers can’t find you on the internet, they’ll find your competition.” Can you afford that? Can you afford to have that customer walk past your door, on their mobile device, following the instructions on how to get to your competitor down the block?

At the least, you need to be on the Google map for your location. Better yet, you could create another mini-website which is optimized for mobile application and have small ads on it. Or maybe a coupon code for mobile users.

It’s the time to get creative. There is too much money on the table to ignore the impact mobile devices can have on your business.

Need more convincing, read the rest of the survey results and how mobile marketing affects your business in this report from

Tom Dewell has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, both in the US and in Europe. He has been involved in start-ups and small companies, has managed import/export operations, retail stores, and was the national manager for a multi-billion dollar international manufacturing group.
He is now focusing his energy on helping local businesses get found on the internet, getting those customers in the store, and teaching them how to manage their website visitors and their in-store customers.
You can visit his website at:

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