Want to Stay Young and Healthy? Just Laugh

Posted on November 04, 2010 by CJ Article Team


If you want to stay healthy in simple way, just laugh frequently. Healthy and stay young are only some of a large number of the benefits of laughing. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that laughing has a lot of advantages. Just by laughing frequently is even good to prevent you getting heart failure. Therefore, laughing is actually more than just a response of something funny or pleasing.

laughterThere are several advantages of laughing that you may never realize. Laughing leads our brain to do two simultaneous aspects, visual and phonic. Visual aspect leads us to have some special gesture in our face, and phonic aspect leads us to produce certain sound. Those two aspects make many changes in our body including in our hand, foot and muscles.

Furthermore, there is a magic system to keep us healthy and young. When we are laughing, fifteen muscles are contracting and there will be electric stimulus in most of mouth muscles. In certain condition, the tear duct is stimulated. We also take enough amount of air when we are laughing. So, our face begins to get red and our eyes will produce more tears.

The next benefit of laughing is to help us relieve stress and emotion. There are still many people who tend to keep their emotion such as anger, sadness, boredom, and so on. Actually it has quite bad effect for their psychological health. Meanwhile, watching comedy shows or films and laughing out loud at them is simply helpful to relieve those emotions.

In general, these are the psychological and physical advantages of laughing:

1. To relive stress in certain level. Stress might increase blood-tension and create certain hormone that will be harmful for our artery, and laughing might help us to prevent it.
2. To increase immune system, because laughing makes the entire components in immune system balance.
3. To reduce high blood-tension. Laughing is very helpful in increasing blood stream and also increasing oxygen rate on our blood that resulted in good respiration system.
4. To avoid diseases. Anger and fear are the most influencing emotion in heart failure cases, and laughing will be helpful to prevent it.

So, instead of drowning in your sadness or anger, it is better to displace it into laugh, right?

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By Lazaro J Hester

Posted by CJ Article Team

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