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Posted on September 09, 2011 by Clayton Johnston


You’re about to discover exactly why you think your Website Sux!

Or learn exactly what you need to do right now to set up and manage your very own Authority Website Traffic Machine.

We show you what you can do about it in 12 easy to learn steps.

Stand out from the Crowd

  • Does your website need an extreme makeover?
  • Are you getting the right advice and service from your current web developer?
  • Do you struggle to understand and keep up with all of the New Internet Technologies and integrating them effectively into your business?
  • Are you a newbie and really have a desire to start your own website business and set up a 2nd income or eventually work from home online fulltime?
  • Are you a seasoned online veteran but still can’t drive enough quality traffic to your website portfolio that converts and takes action?
  • Are you a smart business owner and are simply ready to ensure that your Web Real Estate is operating to its maximum potential?
  • Have you already spent a small fortune on your Website Investment with little or no results?
  • Is your valuable time, energy, and money being spread too thinly, across multiple online Products, Tools & Resources?
  • Are you still working mind numbing hours each week trying to position your website for success?

If only you had some expert help I hear you asking.

If that sounds like you, now is the perfect time to reassess exactly what your goals are, and how you will manage your website business needs for the long term.

Maybe now is the perfect time to talk to an experienced Web Project Manager and Marketing Team that can take your web business to an exciting new playing level.

Have you always wanted to talk to someone who can communicate to you in simple and easy to understand terms without all the Techno Talk and Geek Speak?

If you answered “Yes” to any number of these questions, then you have found yourself a very handy document that can help you to Fast Track and organize your understanding of what it really takes to run and operate a Successful Website Business Cost Effectively and Efficiently.

I am just putting the finishing touches on the Ebook and wanted to let all of my readers know that it will soon be available. If you want to get early bird access then please feel free to add your details into the Box on the right of my website

I love working with Motivated Business owners who need help getting their websites found in the search engines and creating long term Authority Websites that grow weekly… Where Web Traffic Goes Money Flows!

We offer a wide range of services now which you can view here

Feel free to also check out our team portfolio of over 100 websites here

We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services and you will be dealing with me directly as your Web Project Development & Marketing Manager. With 10 years experience in business management, web development and marketing, I’m sure we will definitely have plenty to chat about and you will receive some great insights into fast tracking your online business success.

As a special for anyone reading this post and really wants to talk about how to improve their current website or start a new website adventure, then I will be giving Free 15 minute Consultations via Skype…

Please only contact if you are serious and definitely needing some help…

You can leave me a message below in the comments and your skype address. If you prefer to send me an email then please use the contact form

I’m excited and looking forward to chatting with you….

I hope you have an extraordinary day !!

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You're Awesome!

Posted by Clayton Johnston
I'm an Internet Entrepreneur and looking forward to creating sustainable incomes for all walks of life on Earth. I really appreciate all the friends and family that I have as they have all inspired me in some small way. And yes that means you too !!

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