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StomperNet - Andy Jenkins and Brad FallonStomping the Search Engine or the StomperNet was one of the unknown products in the internet marketing world till its 2008 launch where it made up to 18 million dollars in sales in the first 24 hours alone. The StomperNet is a program where you can find a whole team of experts to learn from them the techniques they used to dominate in the search engine. Mostly the StomperNet focuses on the SEO techniques and how to get your site to the top of the search engine. The StomperNet has a group of experts behind the scene whom are in charge of its success among them are:

Andy Edmonds – Former lead of analytics for Microsoft’s Live Search team, and head of StomperLabs (which has created Stomper Scrutinizer, Site Seer, Super Bookmarker, Linker, and more)

Dan Thies – Architect of this entire course and is considered by many to be the world’s leading expert in keyword research and analysis – he’s also the author of the highly successful SEO Fast Start

Leslie Rohde – A militant advocate of proper site structure, Leslie was the first person to reverse engineer link quality, and is the creator of Opti-Link, the first professional SEO software ever.

Jerry West - SEO Guru in his own right, and one of the most comprehensive marketing testers on the planet – Jerry’s tactics allow him to make millions in the cut-throat affiliate game (and do it under the radar)

In addition to the cofounders Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon:

Andy Jenkins on the other hand is an expert in building and promoting e-commerce stores he started by creating a store for Medieval Weapons which he was very interested in. Andy?s store prospered and continued to grow till the point it was making him more money than his day job at Microsoft, later Andy met Brad Fallon who added to his knowledge about SEO techniques and they decided to start their project of ?Stomping the Search Engine? which is now free.

Brad Fallon earned a degree in economics from Claremont McKenna in 1990, after he graduated 2nd in his class, he went to the University of Florida College of Law in 1997. After that Brad decided to go into the internet and work in internet marketing. Brads first company which is a marketplace for ideas went from 1.2 million to 32 million in 2006. In 2008 brad and a team of marketers including Andy Jenkins started Stomping the Search Engine 2 or STSE2 which made 18 million dollars in orders in the first 24 hours. Brad Fallon is the authority on Wedding Favors niche on the internet and his website is No. 1 for almost all related keywords, in all search engines.

by Eugene

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